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About the Podcast

Clover Club
The Clover Club is a collection of real life stories that are chock full of drama, laughter, and life lessons.
As a shop owner and hair stylist with an impressive number of stamps on her passport, Erika Audrey has heard or experienced it all. And she's ready to share. These real life stories will make you laugh, cry, and gasp- sometimes in the same episode! Join Erika and producer Kelly Dawkins straight from Atlanta gift shop Hawkins & Clover. Welcome to Clover Club.

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About your hosts

Erika Audrey

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Erika Audrey, a luminous presence hailing from the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia, is not your ordinary hairstylist and boutique owner. With a zest for life that's as contagious as her laughter, Erika is poised to take the podcasting world by storm as she embarks on her latest venture.

Launching her debut podcast is a natural extension of Erika's multifaceted personality. With an uncanny ability to seamlessly weave humor into her conversations, Erika's laughter-inducing anecdotes and razor-sharp wit are bound to captivate listeners. Her intelligence shines through as she tackles a diverse range of topics, proving that beneath the laughter lies substance and insight.

Kelly Dawkins

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Kelly Dawkins, a rising star from the heart of Georgia, brings a fresh and spirited perspective to the world of podcasting. With youthful enthusiasm and a sharp mind, Kelly is making waves in the industry as a dynamic producer.

Hailing from the Peach State, Kelly's bright-eyed approach to content creation, coupled with her keen attention to detail, has earned her a reputation for delivering top-notch productions that captivate audiences.

As a young and promising producer, Kelly's journey is just beginning, but her potential is limitless. With a finger on the pulse of emerging trends and a knack for crafting engaging narratives, she's a force to be reckoned with in the podcasting realm.